Mountain Stage

Rusted Root is being featured on Public Radio starting on Friday, April 26th, with their January 1995 performance at Mountain Stage.  Liz Berlin remembers this show fondly stating "I was just thinking about this performance when I heard that Richie Havens had passed away. He was an amazing presence and doing that show with him and Taj Mahal was one of the highlights for us!!!"

Below is the link to the playlist and more information as well as the press release for the week's show.


 *Special Archive Edition - Recorded January 29th, 1995*

 Mountain Stage looks back at thirty years of live performance radio this week with a special broadcast from its archives. Recorded live in Charleston, West Virginia on January 26th, 1995, you’ll hear a performance from legendary folk icon Richie Havens. You’ll also hear sets from two bands that went on to great commercial success, but were mostly unknown in America at the time of this performance: Barenaked Ladies and Rusted Root. And iconic musician Taj Mahal rounds out the show with his signature fusion of blues and world music.